Manage Your Own Money

By Daniel J. Clemons

Authors Note: Donations to Charities

Royalties from the sale of Manage Your Own Money are used for charitable activities.  It supports charities that provide care for abused, sick, and injured animals.  In honor of Aerial, Piper, and Lindy donations are made each month.  Vickie and I thank you for supporting this important work with animals.  We dearly miss our beautiful Lucky Lindy #5 [1998 – 2011]  pictured with a little scrap of fabric he would turn in at the kitchen counter for a cookie.  It was like money in the bank for him.

My dream has always been to build a foundation of financial education for high school students.  Every high school senior should start his or her adult life with a sound financial education.  Book sales have increased to the point that some proceeds can now be directed toward this worthy cause that is also near and dear to my heart.

Thank you for helping me pay it forward by buying my book.

Daniel J. Clemons author Manage Your Own Money

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